How to Start a Wings Ministry in Your Community

"The Wing's Ministry is making a difference in the lives of the families of those who have loved ones in the prisons and jails around the country and need a touch of God's love." — Rev. Dr. Paul C. Collins, former prison Chaplain


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Why Start a Wings Ministry?

The heart of Wings is caring churches and volunteers. It is important to draw youth into your Wings Ministry. We need to reach out especially to the children and youth that are suffering the incarceration of a family member. These children often relate better to youth than to adult volunteers. Christian volunteers of all ages and talents will enrich your ministry. Churches that participate in the LOGOS Program and Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Program will have members who are already familiar with aspects of Wings.

Wings in Albuquerque conducts three community parties each year at Christmas, Easter, and Back-to-School time. We rotate host churches so all can share the joy. This also gives nice variety. We have also been invited by the New Mexico Secretary of Corrections to conduct Wings prison events in any of the prisons in New Mexico.

VP - Tracey Meisenheimer and Guest

How to Start a Wings Ministry

Get a brief overview on How to Start a Wings Ministry by viewing the following links available in Microsoft® Word Format:

How to Start a Wings Program and How to set up a Wings Event in a Prison.

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Program Training

Ann Edenfield is available to share the Wings Ministry through a variety of training options. Ann is also willing to travel to your community.

1. Introduction to the Wings Ministry – Minimum 1 hour
  a. Brief Introduction about how and why Wings was started
  b. General overview
2. Half day session – 3 to 4 hours
  a. Introduction about how and why Wings was started
  b. Brief description of each of the four (4) parts, why, and how
3. Full day workshop – 8 hours
  a. Introduction about how and why Wings was started
  b. In-depth description of each of the four (4) parts, why, and how
  c. Experience each of the four parts and understand how they all fit together
  d. Create a “Wings Party Action Plan” for your community
    i. Who to contact
    ii. Time line
    iii. What to do, when, and why

To Establish Dates & Fees Contact:
Ann Edenfield
Executive Director/Founder
2226 B Wyoming NE #130
Albuquerque, NM 87112
1-505-291-6418 Fax .

Volunteer Training

An On-Line presentation is available to prepare Wings volunteers for participating at parties. This Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation Slide Show for Volunteer Training (2.77MB) can be viewed or downloaded when you Click Here.

Please consider starting a Wings Ministry in your community and become part of a ministry that fills a great need that exists around our country.

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Parts of the Wings Party

Click on the Key Words to Learn More.
And they were continually devoting themselves
									to the apostles' TEACHNIG and to FELLOWSHIP, to
									the BREAKING OF BREAD, and to PRAYER."
									Acts 2:42

The Wings Party is based on Acts 2:42

The Main Parts of a Wings Party are:

Pre-Party Events   †   Music   †   Bible Study   †   Crafts & Guided Discussion   †   Dinner, Table Game and Closing Prayer
detailed as follows:

Pre-Party Events

Includes Set-Up, Orientation, Volunteer Training and Mixers.

Sample Christmas Mixers (Microsoft® Word Format).

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30 MIN


The music should be fun, easy to join in on, and uplifting. If possible, project the words on a screen up front, or provide sheets with the words on it. Many, if not all the guests will not be familiar with the songs. Use songs that have simple tunes and repeat frequently. Songs with motions are always popular. We start the party with music. If people are late, they can always join in on a new song. Movement, action, clapping, and positive energy will start the party out in a positive manner.

I would suggest that you use songs that are “ popular” with youth in the ecumenical realm. You would not want to use hymns or songs that are only familiar to your own congregation or denomination. The goal is to have everyone present participate in the singing and the music.
— Praise bands
— Individuals on guitar/piano/keyboard
— Liturgical dancers
— Biblical "Drill Teams"
— Hand bells & other instruments including percussion
— A music leader using back-up music on tape/CD.
— Guests/volunteers may be invited up front to lead a song, play an instrument, act out certain motions, etc.
— Make it fun.

Music is available for each Party event.
Click on Links below to Download Music Options:


Song Titles for Wings Parties (Microsoft® Word Format)


Songs for Christmas Wings Parties (Microsoft® Word Format)
Spanish - O Come All Ye Faithful (Microsoft® Word Format)

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30 MIN

Bible Study

The Bible Study is usually the second part of a Wings Party. The party starts with music. The music is a good ice breaker. The Bible Study gets the message of Christ to those who truly need hope and inspiration. We normally have the pastor of the host church give the lesson, if he is available. For our prison party, we were led by the prison chaplain. We try to make our Bible Study interactive by getting the guests and volunteers involved. They can act out parts, help with props, or interact with the presenter.



This theme is obviously not Biblically based. Therefore, use any scripture that seems appropriate to your setting. The reason we do a Back-To-School party is that all churches start special programming that follows the school year. It is best to have people join a church/program in the beginning of the year, rather than joining a church/program after Christmas or after Easter.

Jesus in the boat with the disciples, calming the waters. (Microsoft® Word Format)
Parable of the Sower. (Microsoft® Word Format)
— The story of Esther.
— The story of the Good Samaritan.
— Daniel in the Lion's den.
— The story of the Prodigal Son.



We have had many pastors lead this Bible in creative ways.

— Pastor dresses in costume and tells the story of Holy Week as if he was a "person in the crowd" during the events of that week.

— Pastor tells the story of Holy Week. Everyone present is given a paper and special items to create their own collage. (Piece of thorn branch, sponge, nail, cloth, crayon or markers, and glue.) As the Pastor tells the story, each person designs their own collage. One year the party ended, and about 30 minutes later a woman in her late 70's arrived back at the party. She had driven all the way home and realized she had forgotten HER collage. She drove all the way back for it.

— Pastor reads from scripture. Has everyone wave palm branches and repeat phrases after him.



— The story of the birth of Jesus should be told. Usually we have had the pastor read the scripture and everyone participates in some way – often in costumes. (See Christmas script.)

— We would NOT recommend that Santa Claus attend this event. This is a Christian gathering and the purpose of the Bible study is to talk about the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas.

Sample Paraphrased Christmas Story (Microsoft® Word Format).

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30 MIN

Crafts & Guided Discussion

This part of the party is broken up into three different age groups
and developed around the party theme
(Back-to-School; Easter; Christmas; Prison Events; or Other Events)

1. Child Care - Infants & Toddlers

2. Crafts - Preschool through Elementary

3. Guided Discussion - Mid-school thru Adults

  Youth-Adult Discussion Time Sample . (Microsoft® Word Format)

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1 HR

Dinner • Table Game • Closing Prayer

Generally consists of Pizza, Cookies and Punch.
Sample Dinner Time Discussion Topics (Microsoft® Word Format).

Table Games
Everyone participates at the end of the party for fun and relationship buiding.

Closing Prayer
We end each party with prayer in a Circle of Love.
Prayer Chain Sample for Christmas or Easter Parties (Microsoft® Word Format).
Circle of Love Sample (Microsoft® Word® Format).

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Tools for Planning and Party Preparation

Planning and preparation is THE most important aspect of conducting a Wings Party. Here are some helpful tools and samples to get you started:


Catalog of Supplies and Resources
Items and products are available for purchasing, such as T-Shirts, videos, etc.

Catalog is in Microsoft®
Word Format

Party Schedule
Sample Party Schedule

Party Schedule is in Microsoft®
Word Format

To-Do List
Sample Christmas To-Do List

To-Do List is in Microsoft®
Word Format

Budget & Expenses
There are several items that need to be considered when preparing a budget such as Food, Postage, Film, etc.
Budget Items
Expense Form

Budget & Expense Forms are Microsoft®
Word Format

Registration Form for Wings Guests (includes Photo and Comments Release)
Sample Donor Letter
Sample Press Release
Evaluation Form (Placemat)

All Links for FORMS are Microsoft®
Word Format

Sample Wings Party Invitation - Flyer
Sample Card Invitation for Guests
Sample Wings Party Invitation for Volunteers
Sample Card Invitation for Volunteers

All Links for INVITATIONS are
in Microsoft®
Word Format

Click to download Wings Ministry Brochure

Brochure in Adobe®
PDF Format.

General Activities & Games
Balloon Animal Relay
Olympic Relay
Wings Bingo
Wings Get-to-Know-You Family Bingo
Pizza Box Games
Mixer Games - Tarps & Relays

All Links for GENERAL EVENT SAMPLES are Microsoft®
Word Format

Christmas Event Samples
Guest Christmas Flyer
To-Do List for Christmas
Mixers for Christmas Wings Party
Christmas Nail Poem
Christmas Activities & Games
Sample Letter if Gifts are Distributed
Christmas Closing Prayer (Christmas Geese Story)

All Links for CHRISTMAS EVENT SAMPLES are Microsoft®
Word Format

Easter Event Samples
Mixers for Easter Wings Parties
Easter Placemat
Closing Prayer Option (The Jelly Bean Prayer)

Microsoft® Word Format

Thanksgiving Event Samples
Placemat - Thanksgiving Wings Parties

Microsoft® Word Format
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Matthew 25:4 I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.

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