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The heart of Wings is caring churches and volunteers. Churches that participate in the LOGOS Program and Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Program will have members who are already familiar with aspects of Wings. It is important to draw youth into your Wings Ministry. We need to reach out especially to the children and youth that are suffering the incarceration of a family member. These children often relate better to youth than to adult volunteers. Christian volunteers of all ages and talents will enrich your ministry. Here are some training materials to help you get started.
Wings in Albuquerque conducts three parties each year at Christmas, Easter, and Back-to-School time. We rotate host churches so all can share the joy. This also gives nice variety. We base our Wings Parties on Acts 2:42:

"And they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles'

teaching we have interactive bible study
and to fellowship we have games, crafts, discussion
to the breaking of bread we have pizza and cookies
and to prayer." we have singing and we close with a prayer circle
Here are some forms and organizational aids to spark your imagination.
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