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by Ann Edenfield

This book is a must read for inmates, their spouses and family members, attorneys, employees of correctional institutions, law enforcement officials, clergy, prison chaplains, and caring people that span the globe.

Americana Publishing, Inc. published my book, FAMILY ARRESTED: HOW TO SURVIVE THE INCARCERATION OF A LOVED ONE, in November 2002. It took me 15 years to write and I had to go to work for the publisher to get it published. Therefore, it took me by surprise when my boss and CEO announced in June that after carrying it for six months, they would no longer do so. An agreement was reached where I purchased the remaining 3000+ print books and about 89 audiobooks. 5500 books were printed and 500 audiobooks published.

I couldn't imagine why I was so calm when I was told of this decision, but I just knew it would be a blessing. Several days later, I shared with the Wings Board of Directors this decision and requested their help in selling the books. I now own all the rights for the book and can do anything with them that I wish.

Three days later, I received an email from the American Correctional Association - ACA, saying, "Congratulations, we have decided to list your book in our next catalog." I was thrilled. I quickly called their VP of Sales and discovered that over 83,000 catalogs were already in the mail! 24 hours later I got another email from Prison Fellowship. They indicated that they were creating a new manual for inmates that would soon be released. They wanted to include my book as a reference. They also notified me that were creating a new manual for inmate family members and wanted to list my book in this resource as well! I couldn't believe it! In less than a week of my book's release from Americana, new doors had opened! Four days later I was greatly honored to be nominated for two Golden Headset Award Nominations for 2003 for my audiobook Best Read Book by an Author and Most Inspirational Book. The winners will be announced November 1, 2003.

Now that I own the rights to my book, I can be very creative with sales, but I could use your help.

These books would be helpful for:
   1. Pastors.
   2. Church and community libraries.
   3. Shelters, halfway houses, and prisons.
   4. Books can be given to inmates and their family members.
   5. Public defenders and attorneys will also find the book helpful, as FAMILY ARRESTED addresses many issues that attorneys do not deal the issues family members encounter during incarceration and after the homecoming.

"Family Arrested" Book Cover
Book Cover

Photo of Author Ann Edenfield
Author Ann Edenfield

"Studies show that only death
causes more stress on a
family than the incarceration
of a loved one. Yet, there is
very little help available to
the families of prison inmates.
Therefore, this book is
offerred as a self-help guide
for those who find themselves
involved with our country's
criminal justice system."

Family Arrested
How to Survive the Incarceration
of a Loved One;

A strong advocate for youth, Ann Edenfield is a long time member of LOGOS System Associates, which teaches Christian values for life achievement. In order to further her humanitarian outreach, Edenfield founded the Wings Ministry, a program that assists families of prisoners.

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Contact Author, ANN EDENFIELD, to place your order
at 505-291-6412 OR Email your request to AnnEdenfield@WingsMinistry.org

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Americana Publishing, Inc.
Author: Ann Edenfield

ISBN: 1-58943-060-3 Print Book $14.95   182 Pages
ISBN: 1-58807-099-9 Audio Book
$22.00   3 Tapes Unabridged

What do you do when a loved one is arrested? How do you make bail? What is a visit to a prison like, and what do you need to do before you can visit? What financial challenges may be encountered, and how does one overcome the social stigmas attached to you with a loved one in prison?

This is a true story of survival, courage, and hope. Suddenly Ann’s world came crashing down on her with the arrest of her husband and his fifteen-year prison sentence. Now she was facing a nightmare that no one could prepare her for. Ann shares how to survive the prison system and gives the reader a glimpse into this frightening and rarely discussed world. She guides the reader through stages of incarceration that anyone enduring the imprisonment of a loved one experiences. Her honesty and practical advice will benefit anyone trying to understand the confusing world of America’s prison system.

This book is a must read for inmates, their spouses and family members, attorneys, employees of correctional institutions, law enforcement officials, clergy, chaplains in prisons, and for caring people all over the world.

Additional Information:
She had it all – Student Council President, Cheerleading Captain, Who’s Who in American High Schools and Colleges, Phi Beta Kappa, University Homecoming Queen, Outstanding Delta Zeta in the United States, Miss Michigan contestant, flight attendant, world traveler, real estate broker/mogul, a loving marriage, and mother of four precious boys. Suddenly her world came crashing down on her with the arrest of her husband and his 15-year prison sentence. Now she was facing a nightmare that no one could prepare her for.

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Awards and Reviewers


2003 Golden Headset Nominations – Audiobook Nominated in two categories:
   • Best Author Reading His/Her Own Work
   • Best Self-Help/Inspirational Audio of the Year

Article Reviews


'The Scene' for September 18, 2003 – Golden Headset Award Nominee Ann Edenfield of Americana Audiobooks by Gayle Ronan - March 25, 2004. The Golden Headset Awards have a special significance this year to Ann Edenfield, vice president of sales for Americana Audiobooks and author and narrator of "Family Arrested: How to Survive the Incarceration of a Loved One."


The Santa Fe New Mexican
Woman’s Book Tells Tale of Life as a Wife of Convict
Sunday, May 11, 2003
The day before her life came crashing down around her, Ann Edenfield — a former class president and homecoming queen — was a successful businesswoman and mother of four.

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Other Reviews:

Practical, non-judgmental, and incredibly helpful…fills a huge void in the marketplace.
- Traci Cothran, Audio Book Club

Your book is a handbook of life inside or outside a prison.
- Alvin Cooperman; Emmy award winning producer

Could be used as a tool by the courts and to orient folks to the upheaval of an arrest.
- Rick Stoff, Audio Publishers Association, Executive Director

I must say your book was quite fascinating! How did you ever manage to go on? I certainly tip my hat to you!
- Don Meyer, Literary Agent

Family Arrested by Ann Edenfield is a straightforward, “user friendly” guide to dealing with the incarceration of a loved one. Comprehensive, the information ranges from making bail; to what to expect during a visit to prison; to the illustrative personal experiences of a woman whose husband was sentenced to serve 15 years, Family Arrested is practical, well-researched, and filled from cover to cover with absolute need-to-know information. If you have a jailed or imprisoned friend, spouse, or family member, then give a careful reading to Family Arrested .
- The Midwest Book Review, Editor in Chief James A. Cox

I listened to your audiobook and it is excellent. Your writing is so clear and solid and you read the book beautifully. I personally enjoyed the "story" parts more than the advice part since I don't have a loved one incarcerated. But, I can see how this book would be of tremendous value to those who have gone through a similar experience.
- Grady Jim Robinson, Motivational Speaker

I have read your book. It's not a subject with which I was familiar, but I really found it very interesting and hard to put it down....and very well researched, organized and written. This book will be very helpful to people who find themselves having to go through the type of ordeal which you and your family did. It's quite a tribute to you and to your faith to be able to share this with others and allow others to learn from your first-hand experiences and the knowledge you have accumulated.

I am pleased that your book has been so well received......this confirms the book's quality and the need for such a book in uncharted waters. It should be especially pleasing to you to contemplate how many people will benefit from your work. I always say God's ways aren't really mysterious, just so amazingly glorious and loving for all of us created, that they're impossible for anyone to imagine until they have seen His work. Thanks for writing the book.
- President of large publishing distribution company

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Each suggestion is shared in an easy-to-read form that should be on the shelves of every battered women’s shelter, homeless shelter, prison library, halfway house, and public defender’s office.
- Richard Benke, Associated Press


This book could be the most significant book of this decade! It's possibilities for help, comfort, understanding, inspiration, and faith are endless.”
- Doris E. Milligan, LOGOS System Associates

This is a story of faithfulness and perseverance that bolsters courage and offers hope. Ann Edenfield shares her story in ways that may help us examine our own attitudes of rejection or compassion.
- The Rev. Dr. Randall Webb, President of Global LOGOS

Ann Edenfield has put into this book her very heart and soul for families who are trying to piece together a life out of chaos.
- The Rev. Dr. Paul C. Collins, Prison Chaplain

It is a book without equal.
- John Charles, Director Public Relations, Crystal Cathedral Ministries

… find it as gripping as a novel. I think all parents would benefit from (the) suggestions.
- Sandy Bishop, American Bible Society, Operations Manager

I am encouraging and requesting you all to buy and read the book Family Arrested by Ann Edenfield, the founder and Director of Wings Ministry. Before you come for your next service or activity at the prison, I suggest all to have read it and forward to me your suggestions on how to get this book to every inmate. It is an excellent source of encouragement for you as volunteers as well as encouragement and resourceful to our incarcerated women. My goal for the next 18 months is to get this book in the hands of every inmate that comes through our doors...starting with RDC. Therefore we would need lots of financial help to do this.
- Chaplain Shirley Payne, Women’s Correctional Facility, Grants, NM

Very helpful – very practical. I was impressed with your honesty…you have been able to create a ministry out of the ashes of your experience.
- Mike Yaconelli, President and Founder of Youth Specialties

I have just finished reading Family Arrested and gained more insight into the turmoil that families of prisoners experience. My 23 years of experience in working with prisoners as a chaplain immersed me into some of the turmoil, but you have shared how it is further reaching and impacting literally all of life that I have ever been made privy to.

The information on the inner workings of a prison system is extremely valuable to prisoner's families. May times I have responded to calls from family asking questions that were addressed in your book. I found information and resources that I was not aware of. While every prison system is different, they have the same components addressing the same issues.

You are a Survivor! I understand the exasperation of dealing with bureaucracies. I am most pleased to hear that our Heavenly Father turned your experience into a Romans 8:28.
- Chaplain Don Snyder, New York

It's fascinating! It's just full of good, practical advice for family members that must be invaluable to them. But also the personal stories are so interesting to read. What a picture of the trauma that your family endured.
- Liz Perraud, LOGOS System Associates Northeast Regional Director

Ann Edenfield's book, Family Arrested, is an awesome book. Every inmate and their families should be required to read this book. Ann has covered every possible question that could be asked when a family has been incarcerated. This book was not written from a stale, statistical angle, but was written from the personal experiences of a woman whose own husband was incarcerated. Ann has taken what could have been devastating and turned it into something that would benefit others by providing information that is not readily available.
- Libbie Combee, Leland Family Ministries

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A must for families of an inmate. Ann brings rays of faith when all seems hopeless.
- Cel Vigil, Criminal Justice National Consultant

Edenfield’s Family Arrested is a must read for corrections’ administrators, criminal justice students, and the families of defendants who are facing incarceration. In all of my 33 years in law enforcement I never considered what has to be faced by the “other victim” of most crimes – the family of the prisoner.
- Lou Campanozi, Retired Police Chief

Although the focus of her information is to help those victims, her book is a must read for anyone who truly desires to understand the full meaning of incarceration.
- Eloy L. Mondragon, former New Mexico Secretary of Corrections

This book is filled with practical suggestions and coping strategies …
- Jim Mustin, Executive Director Family and Corrections Network

Ann is to be commended for shining a little light on an otherwise darkened corner of American society.
- William Harmening, Former Manager of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Halfway Program

Ms. Edenfield’s enthusiasm and passion for what she does and believes in has proven to be promising and invaluable. Inmates without family or community connections are at a much higher risk of failing when they are released. Ms. Edenfield makes every effort to provide support and encouragement for inmates and their families so that they may be successful in life. Her desire is to promote family reunification and support children’s needs so that they are able to build their lives on a solid foundation and thrive.
- Joe R. Williams, New Mexico Secretary of Corrections

I read the book and LOVED it. You have done a great service to so many families with your forthright advice and with your sharing of the difficulties you faced. The Lord is using you to bring comfort to many.
- Judge Mike Jeffery

I realize that mere words cannot portray the pain and suffering that you experienced during your ordeal, but somehow you were able to pull the reader into the situation to the point where the pain and anguish were felt. As you point out in your book, all correctional systems are different with a wide variety of rules and regulations. Working in corrections also kept me close to my faith. I have no idea how anyone can survive and get through life without having God in their life. You certainly could not have made it through your ordeal without His presence in your life then or now.
- Warden Ted Koehler, retired

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Edenfield not only gives families the tools and guidance they need to copy and rebuild their lives, but also offers challenge to communities, institutions, and congregations about how they can be sources of help, hope, and healing for these spouses and children, who are too often shunned or forgotten in their time of greatest need.
- Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, Director of Family and Congregation Initiatives, Search Institute

It is so readable and so honest. I could sit at Ms. Edenfield’s feet and learn a lot.
- Ginger Newlin, Child Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Whatever social-economical level you are on, you will find help in Ann Edenfield's new book, Family Arrested . She gives step-by -step instructions on what to do and what to expect when your loved one is imprisoned. This is a must read for anyone who has a family member or friend in prison. Cheers to Ann for having the courage to write a well overdue book on this sensitive subject.”
- Jim Tewell

Endorsement: Family Arrested is the basic primer for everything you needed to know about the criminal justice system and what it means to you and your family on a personal basis beginning at an arrest, through the trial, and during incarceration. If you or someone in your family has been arrested, you must read this book!
- Richard Winn Henderson, M.D.

This book is a wonderful handbook that I am sure will be utilized over and over again for years to come.
- Karen Hughes

I loved how you interspersed your own experience in with the advice to others - the book's impact would be so much less if you didn't come into this having gone through it yourself. For that reason too, beginning the book with your own (gripping - and written grippingly) story was a very good thing. I admired the way in the first part of the book you told the story of your husband's imprisonment and its results on your family and also provided detailed advice - and didn't go into a lot about your faith, the religious aspects etc. until the last section. I think this made it so that anyone, of any faith could see them self in your story and absorb the advice you gave. You let the reader know that the last part of the book was more about you and your personal faith journey. This seemed kind, humble, and light-handed.

I loved the carefully built detail in your advice. Even though I (thankfully) don't have need of the advice for things like what to pack up for a loved one, details like that really helped me understand some of the complexity and enormity of going to prison, being in prison, being a family member in a way that no general description could. Those details in themselves gave me something more like a first-hand experience of this other world.
- Cynthia Gair

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Family Arrested taught me many things about the prison system and how families can cope with what is an extremely traumatic situation.
- Tom Smidt, Attorney

I read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Having worked with inner-city youth returning to high school after incarceration, it hit home.
- Joan Rodriguez, Attorney

I have read FAMILY ARRESTED, and it is wonderful ...no one is thinking clearly when these things happen - no one has an understanding of the legal system when they suddenly get thrown into it. This book addresses the things a family in distress would not know to think about, but needs to. Additionally it is a time when the family member left behind (quite often a man with his children these days) needs to talk to someone, and no one is interested beyond the dirty gossip part. This book takes the place of 'someone to talk to' about the things the devastated spouse needs to know.
- Ann J. Cunningham, Esq.

I really enjoyed your book. I have worked as an attorney at the Public Defenders (PD) office for almost eight years now and I have had to deal with numerous family members. I think your book should be essential reading for PDs, particularly for new felony attorneys. Often, I have noticed my fellow attorney being short with their client's family. Mainly in part to our high case load. Your book serves as a great reminder that families of the defendant, many times are even more impacted by the consequences of the crimes than even the defendant. I really liked the fact that you book was easy to read and very well organized. I think that you have touched on every topic that has been asked of me in past by family members.
- Maria Dominguez, Public Defender

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Thank you just doesn’t seem to say enough for all the HEART and Energy you put into getting it (your book) into print! It really has so much, in such an easy to access form! I have to admit that during and after reading it, I wanted to bang my head against a wall...Your book in such a clear, matter of act, easy and quick to read format, left me feeling like there wasn’t much I did right on any level, from the beginning to the moment I turned the last page. It’s truly is SO very easy to get lost in thinking we’re the ones suffering, and over look the incredible suffering and struggle our spouses, family, and friends are subjected to! They are the ones making all the tough choices and living the consequences of our bad choices! Yes, you covered beautifully so much of both the legal and most challenging aspect of the emotional stability involved in surviving with an intact and healthy family connection and relationships.
- Inmate David R.

This book is incredible. Every family with a loved one incarcerated should have this book. Most think they are the only ones who have someone going to prison, when thousands are caught up in the same tribulation. For whatever reason when others share the same circumstances, the ‘why me’ is easier to swallow. You were clearly thorough in the preparation process before incarceration, right down to getting the storage shed for your possessions. (We had to do that). The overall basics were covered throughout, with the difference in institutions and regulations you were incredibly accurate. Nice job.
- Ray Paulson, Inmate

One's first experience with the justice system as an accused is a horrifying time. Instead of being on the "right-side" of the law and having the system as an ally, one is cast as the "bad-guy " and the system loses all empathy for you. At such a time confusion reigns and it is not clear what the priorities and correct action should be. If one has one clear thought, it should be to read Family Arrested . Ann Edenfield provides the information necessary to make your choices more informed and avoid many pitfalls; how to choose an attorney, make bail and bond, even the possibility escape or suicide? Do NOT expect any of the authorities to have compassion for you. Their job is to protect the public from "bad-guys" and you're one. Ms. Edenfield's story about financial difficulties with the IRS is typical of the response you can expect from the spectrum of officials that you will encounter - they will make your life harder, not easier. I suffered throughout probation because of a mistake I made in the Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI). I expected a bit of understanding, but my comments were exaggerated and used against me. Ann correctly points out the importance of the PSI.

Besides dealing with the system, one also has family, friends, neighbors, and their church. None of these will be easy. Some will provide support and others will abandon you. Family Arrested offers great advice in handling the personal relationships - some of which will become invaluable. Time will pass and get better, but the journey will be much smoother if one follows the wisdom in Family Arrested .
- LR, a former inmate

Your "wings" are definitely spreading as you sweep the country with your philosophy and love for others in greatest need. Truly God has blessed your work and given you so much joy in seeing your program grow into much more than the initial seed you planted when you began it all. I am very impressed with your work and will continue to follow your journey. I finished your book and was very impressed with the message it sent. Too bad it wasn't around when I went through my own experience. I continue to work hard to be an example for those still facing difficulties in accepting responsibility for whatever got them into trouble to begin with. Life is indeed a challenge from where I have been, but the road back to where I am now has been rich and wonderful. So much has been gained by just meeting the demons head on instead of running from them like I did in the past. Please know that I deeply appreciate the work you are doing and the love you are spreading around the country.
- Ben Gastellum

I have to admit the book took me for a real loop. The things Ann Edenfield shared were very deep, even for someone like myself. The book allowed me to see and accept my wife’s decision to move on with her life. The one thing we can never get back is “Time”, and happiness is something that can not be placed on “Hold”. Every man incarcerated should read it in order to see the reality of what our actions have caused our family to suffer through.
- Kaleem K., inmate

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I want you to know how I blessed I feel to have found your book. I finished the audio version yesterday and when your pastor spoke at the end, it filled my heart with faith and hope for a better life for all of us. "Thy Will and not mine own" is truly the mantra I live my life by. I had to learn as a very young child to find comfort where I could, and yet again, God has comforted me through your book. Your words really touch my heart! Thank you!

This book is almost impossible to describe when it comes to the amount of help it is able to give a person. I have been comforted emotionally, physically and spiritually because of the many threads you weave together to show the "whole life" impact that a loved one's incarceration creates for families. The devastation that results, so immediately, is truly, as you say, like death. I am healing in many ways, but it is still an uphill battle. Your book soothes me every time I pick it up. I haven't lost my mind; I will NOT lose my sanity. I am a strong and capable woman, and I am grateful to you for helping me to allow that for myself.

I love the affirmations you include. That in itself is a good place to start creating self esteem.
- Cathie Raines, Inmate’s Wife

I truly enjoyed the book. It is the fastest I've read in a long time I must say. It held my attention and had much needed information for those that might be new to the prison system. I will highly recommend it to others. I intend on going over the book a few times and like that you had forms and a few pages on contact numbers and lists, etc. I think those are extremely important. There are many young inmates that would benefit from this book as well.
- Teresa, Wife of an inmate

He read Family Arrested , and was so extraordinarily affected by it. He wrote me a letter telling me that although he knew it had been tough for me out here, his only real focus had been on himself. He said that he had found it extremely challenging for him to get into the book because it brought up all of his feelings of responsibility, guilt, and shame. "Facing that fire" within himself, he said, was the best medicine. He was awestruck by the way you processed through your life, and what your present life looks like now. He said it brought him to a place of extreme humility and has been so appreciative of me, and our family. I know we still have miles to go Ann, but your book has been pivotal in our experience.
- Cathie, Wife of an Inmate

Congratulations. Your book has certainly helped me, and I applaud what you are doing. Unfortunately, I don't think my marriage will survive, and as you warned in your book, his time at home was not a healing time as we had hoped. I especially admire you for continuing your work even after your marriage failed. Honestly I don't know how you did it, because I am numb all over. I have learned so much about the prison and legal system, stuff I didn't want to know, stuff I'm shocked and sorry that I do know. It amazes me that you were able to channel all the emotions (and there's a broad range of them, believe me) that I'm feeling now, and that you must have felt, into such a positive and blessed program. I guess, now that I think of it, that is why you were called.
- Lori, Wife of an Inmate

I believe that I had to experience and go through all the pain and heartache, trials and tribulations that I have in order to be compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental and supportive of those who are where I have been and am going. I had to suffer in order to learn and grow and to serve others. I just want to thank you again for your book. It is divinely inspired and a great resource for all of us going through this journey. Although most of the families I will be serving will have loved ones going into the state prisons, I see your book as transcending and relevant to both federal and state. It feels so comforting to connect with someone who has been there.
- Carolyn, Wife of an Inmate

I read your book and I must tell you how useful that book is going to be for SO MANY people…it’s the kind of book that SHOULD be on the shelves of every major bookstore in this nation. It is estimated that within the first decade of the 21st century, one in twenty Americans will be in prison. That’s five percent of the population, roughly!
- Tilda, mother of an Inmate

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